Image: Caribana Festival (courtesy Archives of Ontario, Ministry of Transportation collection/RG14-151-3-149)

In the mid-1960s, Canada's pending centennial anniversary fostered much excitement. Funding was offered and many groups began to think of ways to mark Canada's 100th year. Within Toronto's Black community, those having long roots in Canada, as well as those who had more recently arrived, joined together to plan. African liberation celebrations in May were uneasy gatherings. August 1st had been celebrated as Emancipation Day, the date reflecting the time of the legal end of African enslavement in British-controlled Canada and the Caribbean (August 1, 1834).

A new entity to reflect both the long-term and the more recent arrivals of the African diaspora in Canada was created to mark Canada's centennial, the abolition of enslavement and the potential for African independence, using the model of "carnival." Caribana was born, introducing new audiences to an interactive parade and raising the profile of African/Black/Caribbean foods, arts, culture, music and dance.

While it has grown to become the largest such event in the world, bringing in thousands of people to share in the experience, the goal of creating a Black community centre from the profits of Caribana has yet to be realized.

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This article about Toronto’s Caribana festival is from the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada.